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Brazilian Keratin Treatment


BeLoved Salon & Spa is proud to offer Brazilian Keratin Treatments (BKT) to our clients. BKT is an advanced conditioning treatment for all kinds of hair. This is an intense treatment that leaves hair smooth, silky, shiny and frizz-free for up to 4 months!

BKT Gallery (Before & After Photos)

What Is BKT?

Our Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment is a moisturizing, structure-strengthening, color-protecting treatment that will repair surface damage. It is formulated with special ingredients that will integrate the amino acides lost by the use of chemicals back into your hair and replenish lost keratin back into the hair cuticle. The key ingredients of this treatment are amino acids, cocoa butter and keratin.

The specialized amino acid blend is new technology for hair care. Cocoa butter is the most highly stable, concentrated, natural moisturizer known. It also contains natural antioxidants. The combination of these ingredients applied topically will interact in the hair to produce beautifully conditioned hair.

When it comes to keratin, tough is good. Its strong protective qualities improve the hair both inside and out. Our unique biopolymer ingredient is virtually a "liquid form of hair" that gently blends with the hair on your head. It brings to hair what it was lacking to begin with and what it has lost over the years.

Is the hair dull, dry and damaged? Is it curly, wavy, frizzy, overly voluminous or unmanageable? A Chocolate Extreme Anti-Frizzing Treatment puts an end to all that.

The smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside. The added strength, elasticity and moisture results in the smooth, soft, shiny and straightened affect.

The larger molecules coat the hair cuticle and take the environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, and smoke for your hair on the outside. Further damage to the hair shaft is prevented.

Damaged and repaired hair cuticles

Cuticle Images



What Is Keratin?

Keratin is a type of protein high in Sulfur and the amino acid cystine, making it tough, elastic and insoluble. These qualities are fundamental to the strong structural role keratin often plays in nature.

It is a major component of horns, hooves and wool. In fact, keratin is the main protective substance in our hair, skin and nails.

Keratin is difficult to extract without damaging the cystine, or sacrificing potency. But Keratec™, a key ingredient in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, is formulated using a gentle, patented process.

The keratin used in Keratec™ is derived from pure wool harvested from New Zealand sheep. No animals are harmed throughout the Keratec™ process.


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Why BKT?

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is:

Quick - On average, the treatment takes only two hours.

- Affordable - BKT brings the price of silky straight hair to a reasonable llevel.

- Universal - It can be used on dyed or highlighted hair. In fact, it can be used on any type of hair.

- Gentle - BKT is NOT meant to be permanent and it DOES require redoing approximately every 2-4 months. That's why it can be used on children. That's why it blends with the natural growth of hair.

- Natural - It does NOT use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it, "breaking the bones" of the hair shaft. Keratin is a natural substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair.

- Healthy- It penetrates the hair, repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are SOFT, SHINY, STRAIGHT hair. 

- Simple -The only instructions for maintaining the treatment are: Do NOT wet, wash or put anything into the hair for ONE to FOUR days (depending on formula chosen.) After that, shampoo and condition with any product NOT containing sodium chloride (sulfates), which will strip the keratin from the hair.

Note: On average, Brazilian Keratin Treatments at salons around the country retail at $300-$800. We have leveraged our unique partnerships with international distributors to pass the savings on to our clients.


Ultra Short
(to ears and shorter)
(below ears to chin)
(below chin to shoulders)
Medium Long
(below shoulders to mid-back)
(below mid-back to waist)
Ultra Long
(waist and below)

Do's & Don'ts

Do's (first one to four days following treatment)

-Wear hear down all the time.

-Use blow dryer or flat iron as needed.
(In case of hair getting wet during the 4-day period.)

-Wear a silk scar to pull hair away from the face.


Don'ts (first four days following treatment)

-Don't wash the hair for 4 days (use a shower cap)

-Don't tie hair in a ponytail.

-Don't use hair clips, hair bands or bobby pins in hair.

-Don't exercise or participate in activities that will cause you to sweat.

-Don't use glasses or ears to hold the hair back.

-Don't use any hair gels, mouse or hairspray.

Don'ts (after first four days following treatment)

-Don't use a shampoo or conditioner with sodium chloride.


This treatment should NOT be done on pregnant or nursing women.



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